Flea Gunge Edit

This disgusting, sticky blue mess is left behind wherever the loathsome Flea Queen has laid her eggs. Most of it is harmless and will be cleaned away when Plok reclaims his kingdom, but some blobs can be shot away while playing, making Plok's route easier.

Logs, Rocks & Pebbles Edit

These are liable to fall from a great height at any point. Plok's limbs are useless against any of these, so jumping is the only defense. What is it that keeps dropping things on his head? That's what Plok wants to know.

Spiky Doorways Edit

These are spinning death traps--approach with extreme caution! I'm sure you'll work them out.

Spikes & Barbed Wire Edit

These are deadly to the touch, and usually surround an area that somebody wants to keep Plok out of. There is always another way around. You can walk on these for a short time when you pick up a force field.

Ringers Edit

All kinds of junk and rubbish left by Plok's arch-enemies (guess who?) to fool him into thinking he's found what he's looking for.