Plok can get benefit from such objects.

Amulet Edit

The Lost Amulet was lost by Plok's Grand Pappy many moons ago, but tales of its fabulous powers are legendary in the Plok household. The Amulet was powered by shells, and when activated the wearer would develop a fierce temper and fight like a whirling tornado, destroying everything in sight until the shells ran out.

Buddy Hornets Edit

These friendly little bugs can be found around Akrillic in tiny blue and yellow nests. When Plok picks them up they will buzz around his head until he sends them out as humming missiles to attack any nearby enemies. They may be loyal, but they're not too clever, and may not always attack the right target.

Cradles Edit

  • Auto Cradles
These rotating platforms are fixed to a central cog and are quite handy for reaching high ledges. Some of these are broken, so Plok needs to hit the central cog with his fist punches to get them going.
  • Safety Cradles
These floating platforms will carry Plok over dangerous gaps, complete with a hands safety rail.

Force Field Gems Edit

These magic gems give Plok an invisible force field for a few brief seconds.

Golden Fruit Edit

Golden fruits are very rare. They are always full size, and will always fill Plok's energy level to the max.

Magic Fruit Edit

Fruits restore your energy. Magic fruits are very small, but will get bigger if you shoot them. The bigger the fruit, the more energy they restore. Beware you don't shoot them too many times, or you might not get what you expected.

Shells Edit


Shells are indubitably the most valuable items scattered all over Poly-Esta. Plok needs to get as many shells as possible. As well as giving points, the shells also power Plok's Amulet. When the shell counter at the top of the screen is filled up, an extra life is awarded.

Speed Blade Edit

This turns Plok into an indestructible spinning ball of steel, whizzing across the islands of Poly-Esta at breakneck speeds for a few short seconds.

Square Heads Edit

Strange creatures, half vegetable and half mineral, who are found scattered around the island of Akrillic. Although quite happy to sit and do nothing all day, if you jump on their heads a few times they might help you out a little.

Surprise Gifts Edit

Gifts have been left around the island by a mysterious secret admirer. They usually contain a costume or a vehicle to help Plok past a tricky situation.