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 Little concrete information is known on this game; practically all is taken from it's listing on the Pickford Bros. website. Take caution on all that is said.

Fleapit Title
Developer Zippo Games

Rare Logo 90s

Started Development

May 1st, 1990






Ste Pickford (Design + Code)
John Pickford (Design + Graphics)

Fleapit was a game in development by Zippo Games and 't'was to be published by Rare, Ltd. for the arcade market. The game is notable for being the first planned appearance of Plok, and inspired many concepts for the his star Plok SNES game.[1] It was eventually put on hold, then cancelled from Zippo Games' closing later soon after their release of Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship on later in time.

When the game was cut, the engine was practically complete and concepts were being experimented with. Around half of the intended game was complete by then.


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  • Plok had voice work done by Chris Sievey (listed as Frank Sidebottom) intended for use on the cabinet; however, it was only concept and no recordings were actually made. Comedy was also going to be presumably based off of Frank Sidebottom's humour.
  • It seems to be planned to release globally wherever possible.
  • The font to be used in this game is very similar and was likely the basis to the font used in Plok! for the SNES; just less pointy.
  • If not obvious, Super Ravioli Bros. is both just a code name for the Pickfords and also a parody of Super Mario.


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